Amoe8a Parking System

Next Generation Security Solutions Provider




Amoe8a dedicated to create a more user-friendly solution for entrance control system and parking management system by combining cloud, AI, and IOT. Amoe8a originate from amoeba, which aims to seek new and changeable, facing the environment of the different era through continuous mutations. Amoe8a not only design and produce entrance control equipment but also provides customized system integration services, such as facial recognition, temperature sensing system, etc. In the parking industry, we provide barrier gates, entry/exit kiosks, and automated payment systems with the cloud-based parking management system that allows parking lot owners to manage sites and analyze their revenue status more easily.

WHY Amoe8a

Amoeba has a long-term vision. By adopting the most advanced technology, we provide the best solution to our customers. To provide the complete services, Our RD team is composed of mechanical, firmware, software, and artificial intelligence expert, which makes Amoe8a has higher flexibility on different types of system integration. We can customize the software, firmware, and mechanical design to fulfill the various types of demands and requirements for global customers.