Amoe8a Parking System

Next Generation Security Solutions Provider

Parking System

Amoe8a provide complete solutions for parking lot management, from barrier gate, entry/exit kiosk, automated payment station, cloud-based parking platform to multi-payment integration.

Cloud Platform

Through the cloud-based parking platform, customers can connect to the cloud at any time through any mobile device to check the revenue status and equipment condition of each parking lot, and if there is any error, a warning can be issued quickly and appropriate repairs can be made in a timely manner. Besides, by collecting a large amount of data, our cloud platform is able to predict future revenue, etc.

  • Advanced Dashboard
  • Easy to monitor status of each site
  • Report Generation and Export

Payment Station Integration


  • Suport token and LPR based system
  • 支援阿米巴雲端後臺
  • Support mobile payments

Payments Integration


  • Easy Card,
  • Mobile Payment : Line Pay 、街口支付、臺灣 Pay
  • Credit Card : Master Card、Visa