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Pedestrian Entrance Control

Amoe8a provides advanced and elegant entrance control equipment for commercial buildings, factories, schools, libraries, dormitories, and unmanned stores, and can be controlled through dry contacts and network communication protocols to integrate with face recognition systems, time and attendance systems, ticketing systems, membership systems, visitor systems, and temperature control systems to achieve automated personnel management.

What is pedestrian entrance control?

Pedestrian entrance control system can be set in business offices, factories, libraries, schools, unmanned stores, airports and other areas that need to control the identity of personnel, used as the first automatic line of defense. Through a perfectly integrated system, it can automatically authenticate the identity, combining with the visitor system, it can verify the identity of visitors and without identity check at the counter, combining with the membership system can be used in gym and library, allowing users to pass through QR Codes. The entrance control system can be divided into several parts

  • Hardware : Access Card、Card Reader
  • Backend : Attendance System, Membership System, Visitor System
  • Entrance Control Equipment : Speed Gate, Swing Gate, Tripod Turnstile

Speed Gate

With pairs of sensors to achieve secure pedestrian entrance control, rapidly confirming the entry credentials of personnel, which is design for commercial building, at the peak of office hours, only such machine can handle the large number of people without losing security. With higher security and safy factor, it detect all kinds of fraudulent behavior, such as the following security features

  • Tailgating Detection, Intrusion Detection
  • Luggage Passing, Wheel Chair Passing
  • Safety Force Detection

Swing Gate

Swing Gate is suitable for low traffic large lane width, such as wheelchair and staff channels in public spaces, and also in environments with low security coefficients, where it is not possible to detect personnel fraud due to less access to the gate and infrared sensors.

  • Lane width range from 1000mm ~ 1500mm
  • Staff Passage, Group Passage
  • Suitalbe for small space office