Amoe8a Parking System

CP-120 121mm Slimmest Standalone Swing Gate

121mm Slimmest Standalone Swing Gate
CP-120 is a new design of swing gate, through self-developed mechanical, electronic control, card reader to condense all kinds of technology in a slender body, without losing stability, but the overall visual is more lightweight, its body diameter of 121mm, a single can support the lane width of 1000mm, and can be paired to form a 1500mm ultra-large lane, and combined with the Internet of Things and other functions end-users can more easily do management, which also provides a more flexible interface for system integrators to implement.
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Support APP Remote Control
With LED indicator to guide user
Power Supply
100 ~ 240 Vac, 50 / 60 HZ
Cabinet Thick
1.5 mm
Cabinet Material
SUS-304 Brushed Stainless Steel
Cabinet Diameter
121 mm
40 KG
Cabinet Height
917 mm
Lane Width
1000 / 1500 mm (Customizable)
IP Rating
10 ~ 40 KG
Opening / Closing Speed
1 ~ 2.5 sec
Logical Voltage
DC 12V
Communication Interface
TCP/IP, RS-485